Using AI to assist law enforcement in crime response

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View an interactive map depicting the current crime statistics in each San Francisco district.

Our Mission

Crime is a serious problem that traditionally is difficult to prepare for ahead of time, but by doing so, it can be reduced and prevented.

The Problem

Law enforcement is often spread thin and cannot efficiently adapt to changing circumstances. This can lead to a multitude of problems, including inadequate support, excessive usage of force, and more.



By predicting crime details such as where crimes will occur, when they will occur, and what specific crimes will occur, law enforcement can be better equipped for crime.



By determining when, where, and what crimes will occur, law enforcement can prepare for crimes before they happen. This allows them to prevent crimes and deescalate situations.


Allowing law enforcement to analyze community activity through social media can help isolate origins of crimes and potential crimes.

0 thousand victims to homicide in 2017

0 billion dollars lost due to crimes in 2019

0 percent increase in murder and manslaughter offenses in 2020 as compared to 2019.
0 million violent crimes in 2019.

Our Process


Generating Hotspots

We analyze historical data to generate visual hotspots of where crimes will occur. This allows law enforcement to have density-based allocation.

Details of Crimes

We use AI to predict what types of crimes will occur and when they will occur, allowing law enforcement to take preventative measures.

Community Analysis

We use AI to analyze gang activity over social media and twitter to identify ringleaders and prevent planned crimes.

Our Team

Ayaan Haque


Viraaj Reddi


Adithya Peruvemba

Frontend/UI Developer

Ishaan Bhandari

Frontend/UI Developer